Highly Experienced Biologists

Ecosphere’s highly experienced biologists possess considerable expertise, having successfully completed surveys for bats, prairie dogs, and other small mammals; breeding birds; raptors; kit fox; reptiles; and amphibians. Staff biologists have conducted non-invasive monitoring with wildlife cameras and hold project-specific permits to mist-net bats, band breeding birds, and live-trap and translocate prairie dogs and other small mammals. Ecosphere’s biologists are familiar with native wildlife species and their habitats across the western U.S.

Ecosphere’s wildlife services include:

  • Wildlife surveys and monitoring
  • Research and sampling design, and statistical analysis
  • Raptor surveys and monitoring
  • Radio telemetry studies
  • Bat inventories using Anabat technology
  • Aquatic Bioassessment
    • Aquatic habitat assessment
    • Macroinvertebrate sampling and identification
    • Aquatic invasive species surveys